Metal artwork in the foyer of a large building can create a very unique, eye-catching look. Many people do not realize that they can have custom metal artwork fabricated to hang in their foyer. The guide below walks you through a few things to know about having a custom piece fabricated to use in your business.

Know How Large You Want the Piece to Be

The first thing you need to do is you need to determine how large you want the piece to be. Decide where you want it hung in your foyer and measure the space to ensure that the finished piece is not too large or too small for the space. You need to know how tall and how wide you need it to be so that the fabrication company can make it to those exact dimensions.

Know What Design You Want

Next, you need to determine what design you want created for the piece. The more intricate the design is, the more that the company will cost you to fabricate it. This is because it will require more work to create intricate details than it would to create a basic design. You will need to provide the company with a picture of the design that you would like so that they can reference it during the fabrication process.

Know How Much the Piece Will Weigh

It is important to talk to the company about how much they believe the piece is going to weigh so that you can have brackets put into place to hold it on the wall. You want to be sure that the piece is as secure as it can be at all times and having enough brackets to support the weight is the best way to do that.

Know if You Want a Shiny or Dull Finish

Finally, you need to consider if you want the metal piece to have a shiny or dull finish upon completion. The fabrication company has tools that can make the finish of metal very shiny to give it a more eye-catching look. It will be impossible to create a shiny finish after it is mounted on your wall so it is important to decide during the fabrication process.

Once the piece is complete, it is important to have professionals hang it for you. You need to be sure that it is secured properly so that you do not have to worry about it falling and possibly injuring someone. It will serve as the focal point of your foyer when it is done being hung. 

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