If you have noticed that your concrete slab has started to sink into the ground, you might be thinking about using a slab lifting or slab jacking service to help you repair the problem. However, you could be wondering what caused the issue to pop up in the first place. These are a few potential causes of sinking concrete that you should know about.

Failing to Pack Down the Dirt

One very important step to follow anytime that you are going to pour concrete is to make sure that the dirt is packed down as hard as possible. Many professional concrete pouring companies use special equipment to pack down the dirt. If the ground is not level once the dirt is packed down, then more fill dirt should be brought in and smoothed out until the ground is flat and smooth. Next time that you have concrete poured, it is important to make sure that there is plenty of dirt and that the dirt is packed down properly before the job is started.


Erosion is another common problem that can cause concrete to sink. This often happens in areas that experience dry periods and then wet periods, with little in-between, since the water can cause the soil to expand and contract as it gets wet and then dries again. There is little that you can do about the weather and the effect that it can have on your concrete, but using a soaker hose to keep the soil slightly damp during really dry periods can help prevent this problem.

Lack of Reinforcement

Putting wire mesh or rebar in the concrete slab is often required to help provide ample support, particularly in areas where large amounts of concrete are being poured. Next time that you have concrete poured, make sure that you ask your concrete professional about whether or not this extra support is needed. 

Lack of Concrete

Another common problem is when concrete pouring companies do not use enough concrete for the job. It can be easy for a beginner to not realize how much concrete should be used, but failing to use enough material can cause the concrete to crack or sink later on. This is why you should look for the best possible concrete pouring company when having this type of job done.

As you can see, there are actually a lot of different causes of sinking concrete. If you find yourself dealing with sinking concrete, it could be because of one of these problems. To help prevent this from happening again in the future, make sure that you watch out for these problems and choose the right concrete pouring professional, like one from T. Luckey Sons, Inc.