When traveling on an unpaved road around a construction site, it's safe to say that dust becomes a major problem. Dust doesn't just present a visibility concern, but in excessive levels, it can also slow down productivity around your job site. Finding an effective way to minimize dust on your job site can be highly beneficial.


Tackifiers are generally thought of as a landscaping or agricultural tool. Their primary purpose is to create somewhat of a covering over seeds to ensure they don't fly away and remain in place during the seeding and latching process. You can generally tell that a tackifier has been used by the thin, green cast it leaves behind on the ground.

These machines can also be used for road dust control. Just like seeds, the tackifier can keep the dust covered and somewhat adhered to the ground instead of airborne. It is helpful to note that this process will have to be repeated to maintain its benefit. The heavier the traffic in the area, the more often it must be reapplied.


Watering the unpaved area can also help in your efforts to minimize dust. Dust is light, making it easy to be picked up by wind and spread all over. Moisture adds weight to the dust, making it more compact and preventing it from easily being tossed about by the wind.

When watering the road, think misting, not saturating. The use of too much water will over saturate the road and create an even greater mess, not to mention it is wasteful. The use of a misting truck represents the most efficient way to perform this step.

Wind Barrier

If you are operating within a high wind area, no matter what you do, you will likely still be met with dust control issues. However, creating a barrier that limits the roads exposure to the wind can offer a long-term, effective solution.

Wind barriers can be installed in a number of practical forms, including a small fence or even landscaping, such as a wall of shrubs. The idea is that these structures will block much of the wind from reaching the road, automatically helping your dust control efforts.

Finding ways to better manage dust won't just keep your job site more productive, but it will also be well appreciated by those in the community near your site. Make sure you're taking advantage of these methods to control this issue.