While pickup trucks and farming just naturally go hand in hand, if you are a serious farmer, there is one pickup truck upgrade that just makes sense, and that is an aluminum flatbed truck body. You can purchase a pickup already fitted with an aluminum flatbed or you can have an existing truck upgraded with an aluminum flatbed body, but either way, this one change comes with great benefits. Here is a closer look at the biggest advantages of trading in your ordinary pickup with a traditional bed for a pickup truck with an aluminum flatbed body in an agricultural setting. 

Aluminum flatbed bodies are corrosion resistant.

Even though most pickup trucks are made with durable materials, many of those durable materials are not as corrosion resistant as aluminum. In an agricultural setting, corrosion on the bed of a truck can be a big deal because you may often be found hauling corrosive materials, such as topsoil, fertilizers, chemicals, and even manure. Because of this, farm truck beds often start to deteriorate quickly. By switching to aluminum flatbed bodies, corrosion problems become a thing of the past, and you can haul whatever you want without concern of causing damage or using something on the truck bed for protection.

Aluminum flatbed truck bodies are lightweight.

You can cut the overall weight of your pickup truck just by changing to an aluminum flatbed body. A truck bed that is lighter in weight offers a couple of advantages:

  1. You will not have to be so concerned with heavy hauls causing damage to truck axles
  2. Your truck will be more fuel efficient overall
  3. Getting stuck in soft mud or soil during hauls will be less of a concern

Aluminum flatbed truck bodies give you a wider frame for hauling. 

If you take a look at the width of the average truck bed, it is easy to see there are limitations in what you can haul. Even though the truck bed may be several feet wide, whatever you are hauling must slide between the sides of the truck bed easily. With an aluminum flatbed truck body, there are no standing sides on the bed of the truck to deal with, so you have the full width of the truck bed for hauling whatever you need. This will make it much easier for you to haul things like tractor equipment and attachments, water tanks, and other items.