Your small automotive shop depends on keeping your customers happy to keep the doors open. Making sure your customers get the highest quality services means you and your shop employees staying on top of equipment maintenance, especially when it comes to diagnostic machines like dynamometers. Follow these tips for ensuring your dynamometer is always in good working condition.

Following The Manufacturer's Recommendations

Take a close look at the owner's manual that came with your dynamometer. In this manual, you will find information about the best timing intervals for service maintenance check on your equipment. Following this recommendation is extremely important to get the most out of your equipment. When a piece of your shop equipment is down, even for a short time, your profits will suffer. Be sure to have your employees trained to provide proper scheduled maintenance. You should also contact the manufacturer when you need services like on-site repairs, specific calibration and overall evaluation. Keeping the manufacturer's contact information on the equipment is a good idea for times you need to get your equipment up and running as soon as possible.

Never Let The Water Get Too Hot

The cooler the water that is being used by your dynamometer, the cooler the equipment will run and the better it will perform. When the water going onto a dynamometer is too hot, it can cause the equipment to malfunction. When a dynamometer is operating, it is reading the force of power and torque of an engine. As it measures these forces, it creates heat that requires a fair amount of cool water to absorb and discharge the heat. Always making sure your dynamometer is using cool water is vital to its successful operation.

Investigate Any Unusual Sounds Or Vibrations

Any time you hear an unusual sound or notice an out-of-the-ordinary vibration from or in your dynamometer, taking a closer look to learn what is causing it is extremely important. While a vibration may be caused by just a loose bolt, be sure to look at what caused the blot to become loosened. The same is true about loosened fasteners as well. One example is the case of a loosened driveshaft that has fallen out of alignment, which can lead to expensive repairs.

Providing your customer's with the best service depends on you having the kind of equipment that will help do so. Always take the time to learn all you can about caring for your automotive diagnostic equipment to avoid expensive repairs and replacements in the future.

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