After a new septic tank system is installed on your property, learn how to care for the property above and around it so that the system does not become damaged.

Stick To Grass Seed And Plants With Shallow Roots

Shrubs and trees that have deep root systems can damage the septic system or cause blockages in the pipes that lead to the tank. If you enjoy these types of shrubs and trees, plant them near the edge of your property or on the opposite end of your yard. Some examples of deep rooted plants are oak, willow, and vine maple.

Sprinkling grass seed over the septic system will not cause any harm and will provide your property with lush, green blades that match the rest of your yard. Many vines and small shrubs contain shallow roots and will provide the ground with an attractive covering, as well. When shopping for shrubs and trees, make sure that they have the type of roots that will work best for the area that they are being planted in.

Do Not Set Up Heavy Lawn Furniture Or Play Equipment

Do not place any heavy patio furniture, swing sets, or additional equipment over the area that the septic tank is set up in. Excessive amounts of weight can compress the ground underneath each item and cause damage to the tank or pipes leading to it. When the septic system is first installed, it is a good idea to make a diagram of your property so that you remember where it is located in the future. If you failed to do this during the installation, you can always call up the septic company to receive information about the exact location.

Avoid Depositing Large Amounts Of Water

Do not wash your car or empty a small pool or jacuzzi near the location of the septic system. Excessive water that is deposited near the septic tank may seep into the tank and cause it to fill up quicker than normal. Once the tank is full, your yard will be prone to flooding and you will need to call a professional company to have it pumped. You can still dump water outside as long as you do it on the other side of your yard.

Practicing these tips regularly will lengthen the life of your septic system and will prevent the need for repairs.  For more information, check out the site.