Valentine's Day is one of the biggest holidays in the United States. According to CNN, over one billion people buy candy on Valentine's Day each year. Your small candy factory has the potential to profit from the chocolates and other treats this upcoming holiday. If your current production line doesn't meet the needs of your customers, you may lose this seasonal revenue for your business. A Grade A conveyor belt system may work well for you. Here's how the system benefits your candy company and why.

Moves Your Candy Orders Safely

When you speak to your conveyor belt supplier or repairman (such as A-1 Conveyor Service), ask the company about purchasing a Grade A belt that comes with a nonstick surface like plastic. This type of system protects the integrity of your fine chocolates because it may keep their delicate coatings from sticking together as they move from section of the factory to another.

The plastic belt's flat surface is also easier to clean and sanitize after at the end of the day. Depending on your state, you need to meet stringent sanitation guidelines for manufacturing, selling and distributing perishable goods in your factory. Make sure that your conveyor belt helps you do so, or you may face fines and possible visits from the state sanitation department.

Prevents Production Line Errors From Your Employees

Employees who make mistakes on the production line may cause problems with your bottom line. Employees who struggle to sort and package your chocolates by hand may eventually experience stress from their efforts. The stress can create unnecessary errors with your customers' candy orders.

Your new Grade A conveyor belt can branch off into different sections that stop production line errors before they happen. For example, you might choose a system that has a:

  • Sorting section: This section eliminates the need to manually separate different types of chocolates as they pass down the production line, which reduces errors in placing the wrong candies in the incorrect boxes.
  • Inspecting section: This section gives employees time to inspect the chocolates for missing coatings and other imperfections before they get placed in their individual boxes.
  • Packaging section: The packaging section boxes your chocolates for you. Your employees may only need to make sure that each order receives the correct number of products, as well as look presentable before wrapping and shipping it.

Your supplier can help you choose the right machine accessories for each section of your conveyor belt. These accessories may include sorting equipment that separates your products by weight, type of chocolate and shipping location.

If you need additional information about installing a conveyor belt in your candy factory, consult with your supplier immediately.